Bathtub Jets

Air Massage System

The Air Massage System has many benefits! It begins with an air blower, which pushes air towards the distributor, then directs air through the strategically placed jets in your walk-in bathtub. The air is also pre-warmed via the heating element that is integrated within the blower.

  • Hygienic – automatic drying cycle after each use to assure the jet bodies stay dry

  • Various massage settings available

Combining therapeutic elements, this system allows for most favorable relaxation. The therapeutic elements are water, which offers weightlessness, heat, which relaxes muscles, and the movement of the air, which motivates the lymphatic system, as well as blood circulation.

Lavender flowers


Aromatherapy is used to encourage and supplement the natural defenses in your body. It prompts a state of relaxation, as well as a general well-being of your central nervous system. For the natural scents, essential oils are used.


  • Better circulation (lemon, cypress, or juniper scents)

  • Helps prevent respiratory infections (pine, eucalyptus scents)

  • Helps curb insomnia (lavender scent)

  • Energizing (thyme, rosemary scents)

There is a separate receptacle filled with water to which you add a few drops of your essential oil of choice. The pump in the bathtub pushes air to this receptacle and diffuses the scent.


Bath Pillows

The versatile and flexible Euro-Style Bath Pillow is designed to contour to the shape of your head and your tub. The exclusive foam design maximizes air-lite softness and provides the ultimate support and comfort.

It has strong suction cups that are dielectrically fused to a solid vinyl sheet inside the pillow. This provides the necessary strength for easy removal. The Bath Pillow is also dielectrically sealed around the edges to prevent water entry.

The Bath Pillow comes in three decorator colors: white, bone, and black. The soft glove vinyl is easily cleaned with soap and water. 

Rainbow water droplet


Chromatherapy is the use of colors to promote well-being and harmony. This method is believed to go as far back as traditional medicine in China, India, and Greece. Each color correlates to individual vibrations with their own speeds, wavelengths, and/or rhythms.

Red: Stimulates the circulatory system

Orange: Stimulates the respiratory and nervous systems

Yellow: Energizes, stimulates intellectually, relaxes

Green: Calms the nervous system

Turquoise: Relaxes intellect and appeases pain

Blue: Opens the spirit, promotes peace and tranquility

Magenta: Harmonizes emotions


The influence of the different colored lights is as physical as it is emotional. It allows our vital energies to self-heal.

Finger pushing a button

Electronic Button Packs

Convenient electronic buttons installed at the edge of the tub allow you to control jets, heat, and more, all within arms' reach.

Two pairs of bare feet

Foot Reflexology

Do you have pain or neuropathy in your feet? Our Foot Reflexology System can work wonders. Micro-Bubble jets are placed around the floor of the tub where your feet rest, offering a gentle and soothing foot massage for the entirety of your bathing experience. 

Small jets are specifically positioned to target the feet in order to stimulate pressure points in the foot to help ease pain and discomfort.

Yellow glowing splash on red background

Heated Seat System

The Tub Surface Heating System is an excellent option if you want additional heat and relaxation during your bath! This system radiates warmth through the backrest and the seat of the tub and can be used on any tub model. It is eco-friendly, as it consumes less energy than a common 60 Watt light bulb. Controlled with a keypad, it is easy to use and is automatically set to a 30 minute timer. In contact with the warmth of the tub surface, the skin’s chemo-receptors in the neck and shoulders release the endorphins necessary to soothe the aches and pains trapped in the trapeze muscles and eliminates the accumulated tension to induce complete and utter relaxation. The heated seat system can also assist in healing damaged tissues, as the heat increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

Bubbles floating up through water

Micro-Bubble Therapy

Our exclusive Micro-Bubble Therapy propels pre-warmed air through jets that are strategically positioned throughout the tub. Gentle massage bubbles caress the body and oxygenate the water, and offer an exfoliating benefit. The all-natural, breakthrough hydrotherapy exfoliates, hydrate and moisturize skin, gently and quietly, while bathers relax in continuously warming water and total luxury. Infusion’s patented technology super-saturates water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular water alone. This unique combination of water and air — there are no other ingredients or additives — provides more combined benefits than any other hydrotherapy in history.

Splash of water


The Ozonator is our hygienic cleaning process, which automatically and naturally sanitizes the piping of your walk-in bathtub every 24 hours. When the system detects water in the bathtub, the Ozonator system automatically begins the waiting mode, until the bathtub is emptied. Once empty, the system begins a one hour delay timer. Then the cleaning process begins for 15 minutes. This system requires no maintenance. The Ozonator is effective: it kills bacteria and is 200 times stronger than household bleach. It is made naturally from oxygen; unlike traditional chemicals, ozone is safe and gentle, and leaves no byproducts.

Man's shoulers and back

V-Pack Lumbar Jets

The V-Pack Lumbar Massage System is a Wellness Walk-In Tubs exclusive package. This includes 6 additional jets, in the shape of a V, on the backrest of your walk-in tub. It provides pinpoint relief for those with back pain. A separate power control is included.


Grab Bars

Grab bars can be installed anywhere in your bathroom to allow greater ease when entering and exiting a shower or tub.