Check Out Our Tub at Advanced Medical Solutions!

Are you on the Southwest side of the Springs? Want to check out our tubs, but don't want to travel all the way over to Academy? Pay a visit to Advanced Medical Solutions, located in the Bon Shopping Center at 2232 North Wahsatch Avenue. You'll find one of our tubs on display there! The team at Advanced Medical Solutions is very friendly and knowledgeable, and can help you find anything you need, from a cane to a Wellness Walk-In Tub. Want to check out even more tubs? Come visit us at 320 North Academy Boulevard. We would love to meet you!

Employee Spotlight: Matty

Matty is our Business Development Coordinator here at Wellness. He completes estimates for our clients and is an invaluable member of the Wellness Team. If you want to know more about our product line and accessory options, Matty is your go-to guy! What do you like most about working at Wellness Walk-In Tubs? I enjoy working in an organization that I can say truly cares about the well-being of the customer. It's rare thing anymore to find that and I'm here for life! What have you gained from working at Wellness Walk-In Tubs? I have a new understanding of how someone's health can affect not only an individual's life but, also the lives of those whom care about them. It's an amazing experien

Aromatherapy: An Ancient Medicine

Aromatherapy is used to encourage and supplement the natural defenses in your body. The use of essential oils for therapeutic, hygienic, and spiritual purposes can be traced back over six thousand years, to several ancient civilizations including the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese. Essential oils have long been used in cosmetics, perfumes, and drugs. Aromatherapy offers a diverse array of health benefits depending on the essential oil used. Aromatherapy can aid in circulation, help prevent respiratory infections, curb insomnia, and relax the mind and body. Some popular essential oils used in aromatherapy include: Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus is an invigorating essential oil and

What's Your Resolution?

Many of us look upon the new year as a time to better ourselves, to finally make those positive changes we’ve been putting off all year. Making new year’s resolutions is a great first step towards a healthier you. However, many people have trouble turning their new year’s resolutions into healthy habits. Here are some helpful hints for sticking with your goal. Start Small Many people make lofty new year’s resolutions but are unable to stick to such a drastic lifestyle change. Aim for smaller goals that are easier to stick with, such as eating more veggies every day instead of cutting out sugar altogether, or taking an aerobics class once a week instead of trudging to the gym every day. Setti

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PRIVACY POLICY: Wellness Walk-In Tubs respects the privacy of every customer and therefore does not share your information with anyone outside our company. We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your explicit permission or are required by law. Should we feel that you would  greatly benefit from information from one of our third-party companies with relation to the services we are currently providing you, we will contact you for permission to disclose your name and a contact method only.