At Wellness Walk-In Tubs, we are passionate about giving you a safe and comfortable environment, whether it's a walk-in tub or shower for your bathroom, an indoor or outdoor stair lift, or a wheelchair ramp for your patio. We are here to help!

Wellness Walk-In Tubs is Accepting Medicaid Clients!

Have you wanted to purchase a walk-in tub, shower, mobility aid, or any other type of home modification, but felt the cost was out of your reach? If you qualify for Medicaid, you may be able to purchase these items at little to no cost!

Call us today to speak with our Medicaid Specialist. 

In addition to Medicaid, we work closely with several local agencies in Colorado Springs that may be able to help you access grants and other financial assistance to help you with your project. 

At Wellness Walk-In Tubs, we support our local veterans. We try to facilitate the needs of our veterans at all costs. We have many programs at our fingertips to help our veterans obtain the home modifications they need. If you or a loved one are a veteran, be sure to ask us about a program that can help you!