From the CEO

My name is Sean Welch and I am 41 years old. I grew up in a small city in Oklahoma called Bartlesville. I had a childhood friend move to Colorado Springs from Bartlesville when I was ten years old. Once I visited him here in Colorado Springs, I was hooked. I moved out here by myself at age 17. I will always love the town of my birth. Colorado Springs, however, is my home. I have one daughter and two sons. They are my heart.

Family has always been so important to me. My grandfather was an important cornerstone for my entire family. When anyone was in need, he was there without question. He passed away in 2003. He fell trying to bathe and exit his bathtub. After that devastating loss, I began to look at how an older adult could be safe if they wanted a bath but had difficulty maneuvering a typical bathtub. I found walk-in tubs and began to research them. I found out very quickly that the market was, although relatively new, exorbitant.

I started to install walk-in tubs for some of the large companies in 2008. I figured that I could at least install what was available and maybe because I cared about the customers, give them as good of an experience as possible. I followed up with these customers although not directly my clients. I soon discovered that many people were dissatisfied with their purchase. I asked every customer what they liked and did not like about the current tub they owned. After four years of gathering data, I opened Wellness Walk-In Tubs. The mission was simple: To provide a high-end product at a reasonable price with exceptional service. I believe that I have achieved that perfectly. Here at Wellness, we have a totally different business model than the other big box providers. We use the best parts, have the best warranty, and we offer an industry leading service plan. We can customize our jetted tubs to each individual customer if necessary. We offer an array of personalized options on each tub. No other company currently in the industry offers that to my knowledge. I opened a showroom in March of 2014 after realizing that many of my clients wished they could have seen the tubs in person. Again, I believe if you don’t listen to your customers, then you have no business trying to serve them.

CEO Sean Welch

While most of our clients are in the market for a safer bathtub that offers hydrotherapy benefits, there are those that for a variety of reasons would prefer a zero-entry safety shower. We offer this service as well. We offer any stone, tile or man-made materials for custom safety shower installations. We can customize any space to accommodate the needs of the client, regardless of space or materials.

If you are considering a walk-in tub purchase or safety shower, I would highly recommend that you research the source of the installation, and look at what you are getting in terms of locality. The number one problem with purchasing something from a large company without a local branch is accessibility. Warranty issues, questions, payment schedules and the lie are all exponentially more difficult without a local presence. Buying local can truly save you monetarily and be an amazing benefit in the years to come after the purchase.

We are conveniently located on the corner of Platte and Circle at 2741 E. Monument Street. We encourage anyone in the market for a walk-in bathtub or a zero-entry safety shower to stop by or call us at 719-375-3044. We look forward to meeting you!