Rapid Recovery

Have you or a loved one recently suffered an injury and/or or gone through surgery? Are you actively rehabbing? At Wellness Construction Group, we are pleased to introduce our Rapid Recovery program.

Typically, if you are in a rehab facility, in order to be released to return to your home, there are necessary changes to be made to your home and bathroom. We can help you with that!

Under Rapid Recovery, we guarantee a two-week turnaround for projects, start to finish. We offer Ramps, Chair Lifts, Zero Entry Showers, Walk-In Tubs (no jets), flooring, and much more to help accommodate your home to your rehabilitation needs.


The Criteria for our Rapid Recovery program is as follows:

  1. Must be recovering from an injury or surgery & actively rehabbing

  2. Must need home modifications in order to return home

  3. Your home must meet our parameters for the modifications


Give us a call today and schedule an estimate with our knowledgeable estimators to see what we can do for you!