The average bathtub height is just at 14”. Because of this height, a bather is required to lift their legs over 14” to step into their tub. A study for Nonfatal Bathroom Injuries was completed by the CDC and the findings were no surprise. 68.3% of bathroom injuries occur in the tub and/or shower and the injuries mostly occur when stepping in and out of the bathtub/shower.1 With traditional tubs having such a high clearance, it can cause disabled or elderly individuals to lose their balance and possibly fall. 

Wellness Walk-In tubs is here to help prevent those unnecessary injuries!


We offer tubs with easy to use doors and upright seats for your comfort. By simply changing the style of tub you have, a new level of stability and safety is created. This simple change also helps to reduce stress for you and your loved ones.


Prefer to take a shower? No problem! We also offer walk/roll in showers. We offer pre-fabricated surround (shower walls), a pre-fabricated basin, tile, and much more! There are many options available; check out our Showers under Our Products.



A few tips one can follow in order to avoid falls include:


  • Practice exercises that build strength and balance

  • Review all medications regularly with a doctor or pharmacist to ensure there won’t be any side effects that could increase the risk of falling

  • Yearly check-ups for vision and hearing

  • Remove clutter and other hazards that could lead to tripping or slipping from the home

  • Keep the home well lit

  • Make other home modifications, such as adding handrails to all staircases and remodeling the bathroom with a more easily accessible roll-in shower or walk-in tub, along with multiple grab bars.

Chart depicting bathroom fall injury locations. 69% occur in the tub or shower, 23% near the toilet, 1% near the sink, and 7% in other areas in the bathroom.