Shower Safety

Each year, thousands of people end up in hospital emergency rooms due to shower falls and other bathroom related injuries. According to a report published by the CDCP (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), the figure stands around 235,000 people per year. Over one in three of these hospital visits were caused during bathing or showering and 14% resulted in hospitalization! If you aren’t ready for a walk-in tub, how about a walk-in shower? Stepping over the side of a tub to utilize a shower can be difficult and dangerous for some people, especially those with mobility issues. With one of our walk-in showers, there is little to no barrier to step over, making getting in and out of the shower much safer! Our showers can also accommodate wheelchairs! This easy access entry and exit creates a much safer bathing environment for the elderly, disabled, or mobility challenged individual. There is also a fold-down shower seat that can be installed to assist someone who may struggle with standing for long periods of time. We can also custom install grab bars to fit your needs, to ensure you have a safe place to hold on to when entering and exiting your shower!

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