Wellness Mobility: A Few of Our Products

In addition to walk-in tubs and showers, we offer a wide range of mobility products. We have several models of indoor and outdoor stairlifts, and even offer a curved rail stair lift to accommodate spiral staircases! We also offer many different types of vehicle lifts, so you can take your scooter or wheelchair with you wherever you go. Additionally, we have a plethora of indoor and outdoor platform lifts available for wheelchair users.

The items listed here are just a few of the mobility products we have available. We would love to meet you in person to show you the rest of our products!

Straight Rail Stair Lift: The Pinnacle model stair lift is the slimmest and most light-weight product on the market. It only requires 10.5” of staircase width when folded. Despite being exceptionally compact, this model has a 350lb capacity, with a comfortable, wide seat with height adjustment. The seat turns at the top landing to assist with a safe entrance and exit. The Pinnacle has a patented helical worm gear drive that does not require messy greases/lubricants and it uses much less energy to operate, thus allowing it to make up to 60 trips should the power go out.

Pinnacle Straight Stair Lift

Curved Rail Stair Lift: The Helix model stair lift is a custom built to order unit. Each Helix stair lift is unique to the stairway and home it is installed in. This unit is perfect for stairways with 90-degree turns, 180-degree turns, or spiral staircases. Multi-storied homes are also no problem! This model has a narrower profile than most on the market today. The lift mounts close to the wall, which allows for tighter bends. An ergonomically designed seat that features a swivel motion and lift-up arms to aid in easy entry and exit. Custom color and fabric options are also available. This unit is extremely quiet with a smooth ride.

Helix Curved Rail Stair Lift

Universal Scooter Lift: The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is today’s most popular outside scooter lift. Features Harmar's Stars -N- Stripes aluminum deck design, dedicated to our veterans and commemorating Harmar's heritage as an American company.

The unique hold-down foot automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications. This fully automatic lift offers simple, nearly effortless operation and a hefty 350-pound lifting capacity.

Universal Scooter Lift

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