Another Happy Customer: Keith

Keith, of Pueblo, CO, reached out to Wellness to have a walk-in bathtub installed in his home. Since the installation of a Wellness Walk-In Tub, his family’s health has improved significantly. We spoke with Keith to learn more about him and the positive impact a Wellness Walk-In Tub has had on his family.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for the coming year?

Our family goals for the upcoming year are to stay as healthy as we are today or improve by exercise and enjoy life and the world around us as it comes and goes so fast.

What do you like most about living in Colorado?

We love Colorado for its beauty and colorful people it contains. We love the mountains most of all.

How has the health of you and your family improved since installing a Wellness Walk-In Tub?

My mother’s health has improved the most of anyone in our family. Before installing the tub, she had bed sores and had trouble walking anywhere in the house. After using the tub for about a month, all of her bed sores had completely closed up and healed. She is now able to get around the house and even outside if she wants with ease. The tub has totally changed her quality of life.

What do you like most about your Wellness Walk-In Tub?

It is hard to say we like one item more than another. Safety of the person using it is probably the biggest factor we like about the tub, but it also is easy for mom to get in and out of making her want to take a bath where before she dreaded having to get in and out of the tub or shower and it was not safe at all.

Would you refer a friend or family member to Wellness Walk-In Tubs? Why or why not?

Yes definitely, we would refer everyone to Wellness Walk-in-tubs. They do a very professional job installing the tub. They treat everyone with great respect and dignity. Everything they agree to do they do and make any necessary changes to make the customer satisfied. The whole team is great to work with.

Is there anything you would like potential clients to know about your experience?

You will not find a more professional company to work with than the Wellness Walk-In Tubs crew. The job they do is complete and to your satisfaction or they will come back and make it right for you. They are all around great.

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