What's Your Resolution?

Many of us look upon the new year as a time to better ourselves, to finally make those positive changes we’ve been putting off all year. Making new year’s resolutions is a great first step towards a healthier you. However, many people have trouble turning their new year’s resolutions into healthy habits. Here are some helpful hints for sticking with your goal.

Start Small

Many people make lofty new year’s resolutions but are unable to stick to such a drastic lifestyle change. Aim for smaller goals that are easier to stick with, such as eating more veggies every day instead of cutting out sugar altogether, or taking an aerobics class once a week instead of trudging to the gym every day. Setting reasonable, attainable goals will help you continue to improve yourself.

Set Specific Goals

Instead of setting vague goals for yourself (“this year, I will get in shape”), try setting more specific goals (“this year, I will exercise 30 minutes every other day”). Focusing on gaining certain skills can also be helpful. Instead of vowing to lose weight, aim for something like learning archery, running a 5K by the end of the year, or learning a new dance.

Make Resolutions With a Friend

Find a friend looking to make the same improvements you are. Cook meals together or exercise together to keep each other motivated. Sharing goals with a friend or partner will make them easier to stick to.

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