Choose from our many designs and options to suit your unique needs.
Low Profile Walk-In Tub

Wellness Low Profile

This amazing walk-in bathtub has an incredible step-in of only 2 inches, making it the world's lowest entry for a walk-in tub. A recessed stainless steel frame allows this 30 inch wide tub to fit through most 28 inch door openings. Having a walk-in tub height of 40 inches and with the tub base sitting on the floor, this tub gives you an even deeper soak than a standard walk-in tub. Two full-sized access panels on the front of the tub make installation and troubleshooting any issues a breeze. 

30" x 54" x 40"

Wellness Special Walk-In Tub

Wellness Special​

Our most popular model, The Wellness Special walk-in tub is only a couple of inches shorter in length than a standard tub.


Crafted with either right or left facing doors, which open inward for easier access and flexibility, so installation in any bathroom is not messy or complicated. 

30" x 52-1/4" x 40"

Space Saver Walk-In Tub

Space Saver

Our compact model that is able to accommodate even the smallest available space. It's of smaller outside dimensions, but surprisingly generous and comfortable inside. If you have a need for a smaller tub, but want the quality and affordability of Wellness Walk-In Tub, be sure to ask about the Space Saver when you call. 

26" x 44-3/4" x 39-1/2"

The Stilt Walk-In Tub

The Stilt

The Stilt is designed for those who desire a true deep soaking experience.

It has a 46 1/4" height for the tallest of people to truly enjoy a deeply submerged soak. The width of 29 1/2" and the length 54 1/4" will still be able to replace an existing standard bath tub.  

29-1/2" x 54-1/4" x 46-1/4"

Wheelchair Accessible Tub

Wheelchair Accessible

Designed to allow the easy transfer from a wheelchair into the tub. A removable front base panel is provided for use with a seat hoist. This tub has a 35" outward opening door. 

29-1/2" x 51-1/2"  x 40" 

Front Range Walk-In Tub

Front Range

The Front Range is narrower than the Wellness Special.


The Front Range  was created to fit the needs of those with non-traditional bathroom space in which to put a tub, yet it still features the same durable construction and innovative thinking of the Wellness Special Bath.

26" x 51-1/4" x 39-3/4"

The Texan Walk-In Tub

The Texan

The Texan is the deepest walk-in tub model Wellness Walk-In Tubs has to offer. The depth allows for true deep soaking, allowing your full body to be covered by water.

Full-sized access panels on the front of the tub make installation and troubleshooting any issues a breeze.

35" x 55" x 42"

Wellness Cut-Out Tub

Wellness Cut-Out

The Wellness Cut-Out is a budget friendly option for your existing bathtub!


Although this cut-out does alleviate the use of the bathtub, it is exponentially safer than stepping over a standard tub and allows the use of a bathroom that otherwise might have gone by the wayside. This cut-out allows the ability to walk into your tub/shower safely and includes a standard non-slip grip step. 

Cut-out is 3 Feet Wide

Standard Tub with Door

21" High Tub with Door

Our standard lay-down tub allows you to keep the fully submersive bathing experience, while also allowing a safe entry option for those who have trouble stepping over a standard tub. This is a great option for multi-generational households!

Actual models pictured above may vary. Nominal sizes listed - not exact.